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We focus ourselves on truly providing QUALITY . We strive to create success in each and every project we take part of. Our team has been servicing the state of California with high quality special inspection and Non-Destructive Testing for for several years. Our consistent dedication to service and quality has truly provided us with the means to grow very rapidly. Successfully completing many high profile OSHPD, DSA, Public Works and Large Private Projects. The reason we continually grow and expand is due to our everlasting dedication to our industry. Constant research and involvment in the trade provides us the correct tools to expand. With this in mind, WCIS has now positioned itself to support projects all throughout the United States and world wide; bringing the same high quality inspections that we have been providing in California for years.

Online Non-Destructive Testing courses

Official certification

Get your UT, MT, and PT certifications comfortably at your own pace wherever you are in or out of the United States with our online classes. With our easy to use online system you'll never have to worry about being rushed or adjusting your schedule. Our low cost courses provide you with the means to suceed here at WCIS.

About us

Not only does WCIS offer the most experienced inspectors you'll find in the business, all employees including the owners provide immense knowledge in all aspects of the trade for both the shop and the field. This includes but is not limited to Ultra Sonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, and Visual Inspection. All in according to the A.S.N.T. SNT-TC-1A & CP-189 practices. Our UT personnel are certified to the latest AWS D1.8 requirements, as well as being certified through AWS(American Welding Society) with all official CWI(Certified Welding Inspector) documentation and certifications present.

Why us?

All of our inspectors are top tier and exceed the qualifications specified for the job. All employees are dedicated to their trade and provide the utmost profressionalism in the work enviornment.


All of our employees including our owners are constantly dedicated to grasping new learning curves the industry produces. Constantly staying on top of knowledge with the latest equipment, codebooks, and standards. Always looking toward new ways to revolutionize our industry.